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Unlocking Radiance: The Power of Double Cleansing for Healthy Skin

How to cleanse the face? Double cleansing! This method of washing the face owes its popularity to Korean skincare rituals. Dermatologists also recommend it. What does the two-step facial cleansing involve?


Thoroughly cleansing the skin every day is the cornerstone of good skincare. It's hard to achieve smooth and beautiful skin if we neglect this step. Skipping cleansing can have unpleasant consequences in the future: irritation, the appearance of inflammations, blackheads, and the proliferation of free radicals, which are responsible for accelerating skin aging. Unfortunately, no cosmetic product that we apply to improperly cleansed skin will work properly.

In order for the skin to look healthy and radiant, it's important to cleanse the face in the morning and evening. For morning cleansing, it's advisable to choose gentle products that don't irritate or damage the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin. In the evening, it's worth performing a two-step cleansing process.

How to cleanse the face? Double cleansing is best done in the evening. Thoroughly washing the face in two steps allows you to remove the accumulated sebum, sweat, remnants of skincare and makeup products, as well as environmental pollutants. It's important for the makeup removal and cleansing to be gentle yet effective and thorough. The double cleansing method is highly popular among Korean women, and now women all around the world are using this approach.


Double cleansing the face can be summarized as follows:
Step 1 - makeup removal (using a cleansing milk, micellar water, or oil)
Step 2 - facial cleansing (using a gel, emulsion, or foam)


Double Cleansing of the Face - Step 1 (Makeup Removal)

During the first stage of cleansing, we remove the top layer of makeup and the dirt that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day. It's important to choose products that do not irritate the skin or eyes. Depending on the skin's needs, we can opt for:

Two-phase liquid – suitable for heavy eye and lip makeup, but I do not recommend using it to cleanse the rest of the face. Its oily formula can lead to the appearance of imperfections on the skin.

Micellar water – a product that has been extremely popular for several years. Micellar waters contain chemical compounds that can effectively remove dirt and makeup. Gentle products that do not irritate the skin will work well.

Makeup removal milk – this formula is suitable for sensitive skin. Apply the milk using your hands and massage the face for a few minutes, then use a damp cloth to remove makeup and dirt from the skin.

Makeup removal oil – this is often a blend of oils, emollients, and emulsifiers that can effectively dissolve even heavy and waterproof makeup. They are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation. Makeup removal oils can be used in the same way as milk.

If you use cotton pads during the first step of your skincare routine, do not rub the skin too vigorously with them. Initially, press the cotton pad onto the face and allow the product to dissolve makeup and impurities. Excessive rubbing can unnecessarily irritate the skin.


Double Cleansing of the Skin - Step 2 (Face Washing)

During the second stage of skin cleansing, we rinse off the remaining impurities that were not removed during makeup removal. At this stage, we use a product tailored to the skin's needs and combine it with water. Finally, we gently pat the face dry with a towel, avoiding unnecessary rubbing of the skin. During the second step of double cleansing, we can use:

Face wash gel - if you have oily skin, opt for cleansing products that regulate sebum production. On the other hand, individuals with sensitive and easily irritated skin should try gels with soothing properties.

Emulsion - emulsions are suitable for very sensitive skin, during dermatological treatments, or after intense cosmetic procedures like acid peels. They work gently and do not disrupt the skin's protective barrier.

Syndet - a soap-free cleanser. Syndets contain surfactants but have a significantly lower pH compared to traditional soaps. They don't dry out the skin or cause a tight feeling.

Foam - foam-formulated products are suitable for the second cleansing step for most skin types.


It's important to use products during daily cleansing that do not irritate the skin or cause a tight sensation. If your skin becomes red or you experience a burning sensation after any of the steps, consider changing your skincare products. It's also worth remembering to thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse the neck and décolletage. Regular double cleansing leads to clearer, healthier skin and is a global skincare trend. Remember that!

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