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Summer Skincare Trends: Enhancing Natural Beauty and Rejuvenation

In 2023, the focus is on strengthening the skin's hydrolipid barrier and harnessing its natural repair abilities. By doing so, we achieve a natural revitalization, refreshment, and lifting effect. The skin returns to its best version, reminiscent of its youthful days, when it was supple, radiant, and well-rested. Which treatments and cosmetics guarantee such results? Let's delve into the latest skincare trends and discover some of the most fashionable beauty products.


Focus on the Barrier:

After experimenting with acids, retinol, and enduring weeks of harsh winter weather, our skin craves regeneration. To rebuild the compromised hydrolipid barrier, we need to provide the skin with ingredients that penetrate the epidermis and strengthen it. Beauty brands have promptly responded to this growing trend, offering a variety of excellent products infused with ceramides and probiotics. These two ingredients quickly repair the damaged skin barrier by "cementing" the weakened epidermis and enhancing its microbiome. How can we incorporate this trend into our routine? Choose a hydrating serum with probiotics, such as La Flore Live Probiotic Concentrated Serum, and follow it up with a barrier cream like Paula's Choice Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Moisturizer, which contains ceramides. The complementary action of these products will restore comfort, elasticity, and reduce redness, all highly rated by online users.

Creams over Foundations:

The boundaries between skincare and makeup are becoming increasingly blurred. The goal is no longer finding the perfect foundation; it's discovering the best cream for your skin that enhances its natural glow, improves complexion, and texture, allowing you to skip heavy makeup. Models at Fendi, Altuzarra, and Gabriela Hearst's spring-summer shows showcased transparent, lightweight, and fresh-looking skin—an aesthetic in high demand for the upcoming months. How can you achieve it? Opt for a tinted moisturizer that offers hydration, protection, and a light coverage to conceal skin imperfections. Lumene, a Scandinavian brand, offers one of our favorites, combining anti-aging serum and illuminating foundation. It imparts a beautiful, healthy glow to the face without visible shimmer, camouflages minor imperfections, discoloration, and redness, while also providing anti-aging benefits with its peptide-infused formula.

DNA Repair:

Scientists working in cosmetic laboratories have honed in on a new phenomenon: epigenetic aging of the skin. Although the mechanism itself is not new, it has recently gained significant attention. It involves external factors that accelerate collagen degradation and damage the DNA of skin cells, leading to faster loss of firmness and youthfulness. Factors such as UV radiation, air pollution, poor diet, lack of sleep, and stress contribute to this process. While we can't completely avoid living in congested, polluted cities, there are already skincare products on the market that can partially reverse the damage caused by smog, UV rays, and stress. Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum is a bestseller that "resets" the skin during sleep, repairing the damage it has incurred throughout the day. This serum significantly slows down the aging process, improves skin tone, and reduces inflammation.

Collagen Boosters:

Fillers and Botox offer short-term solutions, but they can be easily overdone, as evidenced by photos of celebrities desperately trying to defy aging. However, doctors are now shifting their focus to tissue stimulators for longer-lasting effects. The popularity of tissue stimulators has skyrocketed over the past year, and we predict they will be among the most commonly performed procedures in clinics. How do tissue stimulators work? They activate fibroblasts (skin cells) to produce new collagen fibers, resulting in increased skin elasticity, improved facial contour, and reduced wrinkles. The effects are natural, enhancing the skin's physiological renewal abilities without altering facial features. Tissue stimulators are typically administered through needle injections. For a relatively long-lasting effect lasting approximately a year, multiple sessions are usually required (though the number of sessions is determined by the physician based on individual needs).

Internal Rejuvenation:

Collagen is just one of many nutrients that, when delivered internally, can positively impact the skin, similar to skincare. Dietary supplements with anti-aging properties gained tremendous popularity last year, and it is estimated that they will continue to break records in 2023. Numerous brands now specialize in skincare through nutritional support, offering vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body. Another strong trend is the consumption of collagen peptides, popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian. Both incorporate powdered collagen into their daily smoothies. Does it truly work? The effectiveness depends on the quality of the collagen used in the product since not all collagen supplements on the market have scientifically proven anti-aging properties. One well-researched supplement is The Solution by Oslo Skin Lab. It contains the innovative collagen peptide called Verisol, which has been shown to reduce wrinkles by 20.1% after eight weeks of daily use. It also improves overall skin density and helps reduce cellulite. This powdered supplement can be consumed once a day, dissolved in any beverage or added to meals (e.g., morning oatmeal).

At-Home Skin Gym:

The trend of bringing salon treatments into the comfort of our own homes continues to gain popularity, and 2023 will be no exception. You can now perform various treatments in your bathroom or bedroom, including light therapy masks, or even perform microneedling using rollers (though doctors generally advise against performing this procedure at home due to difficulties in controlling needle depth and ensuring sterilization). Gadgets that utilize microcurrents to stimulate muscle contractions and provide a workout for the face, resulting in increased firmness and tension, are also becoming popular, such as the Foreo Bear. Another effective option is the traditional Chinese practice of using a gua sha stone to massage the face, which has been used for centuries to prolong youthfulness. Alongside supplements, these tools are ideal complements to the daily anti-aging skincare routine, enhancing the effects of cosmetic products.

Incorporating these trends into your beauty regimen will allow you to achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin that reflects your natural beauty. Embrace the power of skincare advancements and make your skin a priority this year. Remember, true beauty is not about covering up flaws but enhancing the uniqueness and vibrancy that lies within you.

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